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The WFAS team is composed of both research and operational members.  We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to map fire potential, fuel moisture / condition and critical weather variables across areas of interest and we are actively involved with researchers that are studying these questions.  We have added a link to the left menu bar called "Ongoing Research" and we will use this as a way to communicate new research topics to our visitors.  Our first topic is: Mississippi Fire Potential.  Researchers from Mississippi State University are evaluating methods to link surface weather and satellite-derived metrics of fuel conditions to create fire potentail models that might be applicable to the southern states.  They are attempting to create a comprehensive fire potential model that links fuels, weather and topography with ignition potentials to depict fire danger across an area.  They are also evaluating existing drought indices, such as the Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI), to determine if they are related to fire activity.  We will continue to post more of their research findings and some of their operational products for our visitors.